Impactful Beyond Words

Life is so fast paced that change often goes unnoticed, unless it’s truly impactful. I went into the Unstuck Axelerator™ program knowing I would be positively altered, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would see such a significant transformation in my day-to-day life so quickly.

Trying tasks became easier, hard conversations less difficult, and my mind was put at ease. I found myself doing the things I’d been avoiding for so long with confidence and each week continued to get better and better. Now I’m thriving!

Wendy has put so much thought and depth into this program. It heals you gently, while creating that sense of safety and security so many of us are lacking. I feel more connected to myself and am less triggered by my emotions. I didn’t realize how bogged down I was, because those feelings had become so “normal” to me.

As a healer myself, I understand the power of healing and use it regularly in my life, but I could not have gotten here on my own. My self-worth has increased exponentially and my creative juices are flowing freely. I feel alive, authentic, and proud of myself!

I’m so grateful to Wendy and her gifts, because my quality of life is SO much better. Sometimes the simplest things (like sitting and receiving) can be the most powerful, we just have to give ourselves a chance!

Christina Nikols, Energy Healer

Before taking Wendy’s Unstuck Axelerator™ program, I felt guilty taking time for self care and I was often in people pleasing mode. My boundaries needed work, and I doubted my path forward. I felt like starting my energy healing business, despite years of practice and experience was an impossible dream. It felt safer to stay in my corporate job.

Today, I am happily taking time for myself, feeling confident and free, meditating easily, as well as creating the business of my dreams!

Wendy has combined her passion for learning and vast healing expertise, in order to create an all encompassing, life changing journey. She guides you through each Chakra healing session with love, integrity and precision. I completely trust her with my energy.

I have experienced powerful shifts in every aspect of my life. I feel grounded, joyful, compassionate, confident and in alignment with moving forward towards living my life purpose. I have created boundaries, healed relationships, strengthened my intuition and most importantly, shared the truth of who I am without fear of being judged!!

I wish I had this program when I was in my formative early teenage years…and then again thru my milestones!

Amanda Oddie-Manthorpe, Energy Healer

“Divine providence” led me to working with Wendy.  As fellow coaches, we’ve known each other for several years.  We reconnected and she shared her work with energy healing — and offered to give me a taste.  When we finished, I knew I wanted to work with her.

I had been feeling stuck and I wasn’t sure why or what to do about it.  I knew I was at a transition point.  I felt I wanted to make changes and wanted different things, but it wasn’t clear what they were. I coach others on how to make the changes they want, but I couldn’t do it for myself.  Working with Wendy gave me the support I needed.

Since going through Wendy’s Unstuck Axelerator™ program, I am more grounded.  My awareness of the patterns that have always blocked me from moving forward is clearer. Self-awareness is the first step to change.  When those old patterns re-emerge, I recognize what’s going on and what to do about them.  I am able to declare with greater confidence my perspective, who I am and what I want as I know in my heart and spirit.  I am better able to do so without a filter consisting of fear and insecurity.  I’m able to have what I always considered to be “difficult conversations” as conversations that are not difficult, but straight-forward.  I’m embracing the changes that I’ve long said I wanted to make but held back.  Some steps are small, but it’s movement. In sum, I feel calmer, more powerful, more focused, with greater balance in my life and less stress.  I believe I can make this transition.

Mish Michaud, Mish Michaud Coaching

Before working with Wendy, I was feeling stuck in a personal development rut and couldn’t figure my way out. This was especially frustrating because I am a professional coach! I have helped hundreds of other people but wasn’t able to effectively apply the tools and techniques I use with my clients to achieve the results I wanted for myself. Since working with Wendy, and experiencing the unique tools and strategies she uses, I have a deep sense of contentment, empowerment and understanding of my spirit. Wendy has helped me to finally shed unwanted stress and patterns of behavior that I knew weren’t serving me, but I was not able to let go. If you have an open mind and heart – you are certain to achieve deeply transformational results by working with Wendy.

Christina J. Eisinger, Founder, Executive and Leadership Coach, Christina Eisinger Coaching

Before working on energy healing with Wendy, I was actively working on personal and emotional development. Although I was advancing in my search for self-realization, I always seemed to get trapped or thrown back to old habits and beliefs. This frustrated me constantly because I didn’t understand what was going on at a subconscious level. Wendy opened a new world for me. Digging deep to get to the root cause of my subconscious beliefs, I was able to understand the patterns of self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors, clear them and come out feeling relieved, positive, assertive and in control of my emotions. The road to self-management and realization does not need to be painful or discouraging. Wendy’s energy, loving personality and soulful, assertive work leaves you with the desire to come back and learn more, work on yourself more, understand yourself more and thus love yourself more. Thank you, my dear Wendy, for giving my soul a trustworthy ground to heal, expand and shine its divine light. We will continue our journey…

Marie Rosado, President, 3A Press Corp.

I met Wendy through a business program we are both doing and was immediately drawn to her gentle yet grounded energy and spoke to her about doing some sessions. After a consultation and hearing about what’s going on with me, she suggested a healing session focused on healing my first traumatic experiences in the world and the Root Chakra session of her Unstuck Axelerator™ Program. In the sessions, Wendy creates a sacred safe space. Her melodic voice lulls you into a space of relaxation and I could feel subtle soothing energies all around me throughout the sessions. The changes I noticed were a smoothing out of some rough edges I’d been dealing with in two relationships; a greater level of compassion towards myself, and more ease and flow in a general sense. I’ve done a lot of different modalities and worked with many healers – Wendy is the real deal, bringing a unique combination of gentle groundedness, powerful but not overpowering energy work and a high level of integrity. If you’ve crossed paths with her, I’m sure there’s something her work can assist you with.

Before Wendy’s Unstuck Axelerator™ program, I felt quite a bit of anxiety. I would always focus on what I felt like I ‘should’ do or be doing at work and at home. I always felt like I was never doing enough. Since going through the program, the most profound impact has been the ability to let thoughts pass and not react to the anxious thoughts. I can now assess and let go of more thoughts that don’t serve me. I can reframe my thoughts toward gratitude and realize that things will always change and that control is an illusion. I can now sit more in the journey of life instead of feeling like the next shoe is about to drop. Not only am I able to not overreact to things and be more measured in my responses, but also the things I used to blow up at now aren’t that big a deal. I feel more free, creative and less inclined to engage in destructive thoughts and habits which is huge! I noticed these changes mostly in my personal relationship, but I know it has helped at work too – with how I interact with my colleagues and experiences that would have otherwise thrown me for a tail spin. I think mostly I just feel a lot more peace and ease, take things in stride and realize every day is a new day to start fresh and recommit to things or just let go of the need to pressure myself to be somewhere or be doing something.

Wendy is great at this! It’s hard to know how it works, but it has for me. The words ‘life changing’ really do ring true and I want to maintain this feeling for the rest of my days. I feel like I can be more creative, feel more confident and make much better and healthier choices in the direction of what I want because of this experience. Though I am almost 50, I feel like a lot of life for me is just beginning.

Andrea Raggambi, CBC, PCC, Performore.biz

My middle name has always been “Busy”.  In jest, certain friends called me “Works a Lot” as a replacement for my name. I didn’t ever say I was busy; it was just that I had a full calendar pretty much all the time. Social plans calendared months in advance. Then I got busier with kids, husband, dogs and running my own business. In all of that busy, my father passed away. It was unexpected and we were very close. I never allowed myself to take the time out of my busyness to grieve his passing. Wendy has helped me grieve. To sit in it, move with it and through it. I still think of my father every day but without the same heaviness as before. I noticed the very next day a huge heaviness had been lifted, more energy and a peaceful, calm mind. I would suggest working with Wendy to anyone who has suffered loss.

Michele Katz, Founding Partner, Advitam IP; Founder, Plus One Adoption Foundation

When I did my sessions with Wendy, I was going through a big transition, starting a new aspect of my business. I was experiencing a lot of shaky energy, uncertainty and just general uncomfortableness of doing something extremely new. I also was bringing a lot of old energies forward that were not serving me. One week, I had a big meeting scheduled and did not want to bring any of those old, smaller-self energies with me. The Alignments totally worked! I showed up confident, clear, magnetic but also very natural, authentic and in my heart. The Alignments made a huge difference! It was a blessing to be held in such a sacred non-judgmental space and to be on the receiving end of Wendy’s powerful healing gifts. If you’re looking for deep transformation in your life, Wendy will definitely help you achieve that!

Cherin Rykaczewski, RMT, CPC, Holistic Transformational Coach and PEMF Therapy Consultant, Soulfire Coaching and Healing

I started working with Wendy because I felt that something was holding me back from performing at my best. After our first session, I felt like a weight had shifted off me. I had energy to start running again, and clarity of mind to commit to training for a half-marathon – which I recently completed! I also achieved peace of mind and clarity for my business. I was able acknowledge how situations in my past had held me back and move past those, and trust in my own authenticity to focus my business in a new direction with confidence and clarity. I wish I had taken these steps years ago! I highly recommend Wendy to anyone who is seeking clarity of mind and purpose so they can be their best version of themselves.

Annmarie Curley, Founder/Management Consultant & Project Leadership Coach, Newgrange IT Consulting

There is so much more to the world than just what’s in front of our eyes, on the phone or in the board room.  Wendy’s energy skills help me tap into the deeper world of possibility and manifest potential into reality.  Before attending a conference with my team, Wendy hosted an energy clearing and intention setting workshop for us.  The results that week were amazing!  New connections led to unexpected business development which in turn has resulted in funding and clients for our new venture into healing the planet with Zerapy.ai.   We’ll be making this work with Wendy a regular part of our practice for growing the business!

Anthony Kaple, Chief Strategy Officer, Zerapy.ai

I’ve been working with Wendy for the past few years.  The first time I worked with Wendy was around kicking a recurring nicotine habit.  I would quit for years at a time, but the urge was always there.  Every so often after a triggering event, I would end up binge smoking or vaping in the most unhealthy way for months at a time.  Wendy did one session with me dealing with my nicotine habit and after listening to the recording a few times, I haven’t had the urge since.  This is a huge burden off my soul and the cleansing of that need has made me a healthy and more present person.

Wendy has since helped with numerous challenges that have crossed my path as a person and as an entrepreneur.  Our work has had an amazing impact on my journey of becoming a better person in all aspects of my life – in my relationships and work. I am more focused and at peace.

I highly recommend opening your heart and mind to working with Wendy.  Let your healing begin!!

Jason Velasco, CEO, Kindato

Before working with Wendy, I had stopped making progress on my new business. I was struggling to feel aligned with my project and hesitant to take some of the personal leaps I knew were required. After Wendy’s session, I have new insight, clarity and freedom to move forward. I was shocked to find issues buried far in my past influencing my day to day behavior.

Uncovering these issues and bringing my conscious awareness to them has been empowering and freeing. I’m now moving forward on my business with renewed energy and clarity. I signed up for this session with Wendy not really knowing what energy healing was – I was both intrigued and skeptical. The power of the session was remarkable and I’d highly recommend it to anyone feeling stuck for reasons they can’t quite put their finger on!

Gillian Mitchell, Founder, Thrive 52

My energy block clearing session with Wendy was deep and profoundly effective in releasing both past experiences as well as inherited beliefs. These beliefs were impacting my business, my relationships and even my feelings of fulfillment without me realizing it, operating subconsciously and subtly sabotaging the way I’m designed to operate and share my light with the world.

Within a few days from my session, I was embracing the replacement beliefs without doubt and feeling even more like myself, naturally attracting opportunities as well as feeling fulfilled, so happy! Within a week, I felt stronger and confident, grounded in my new steps and actions, creating a ripple effect as an entrepreneur for others to open and see themselves.

This wasn’t my first experience with a healer and I highly recommend a session with Wendy even if you’ve done consciousness work before because she goes so deep.

Deb Farina, Psychic Business Coach, Unlimited Expansion LLC

Wendy is empathetic and compassionate in her work and her program, Unstuck Axelerator™, assisted me in releasing dense emotions and energies that I carried. This left more space for my gifts and intuition to come in stronger; I now have a better connection with them, which was my goal for the program. I released emotional triggers and have a greater sense of freedom overall. The healings go deep, unwinding and addressing many aspects of trauma, the development of your chakras and releasing dense energies held in your chakras and/or body. Each session focuses on one chakra, giving it the love, care and attention it deserves. I highly recommend working with Wendy, especially in her Unstuck Axelerator™ program.

Crystal Lilya, Sound Healer, Reiki Master, Advanced Crystal Master, and Multidimensional Healer

Prior to working with Wendy, I was concerned about how much wine I was drinking. Also, I didn’t understand why I was holding myself back with my business, letting things get in the way of the work I needed and wanted to do. I felt frustrated, confused and angry with myself. Now, I feel much more optimistic about my ability to cut back on how much I drink. I’ve cut back most nights and even skipped drinking a few times. I feel hopeful about my ability to make a different choice. For my concerns about my motivation in my business, I’ve felt uplifted and been highly productive since our session weeks ago. I completed a major proposal and attracted funding from unexpected places.

My thoughts for anyone considering working with Wendy are to open your mind and your heart to this work. You can trust that Wendy is holding your highest good as her utmost purpose in her work. I’ve worked many years with multiple healers from across the spectrum, and know that Wendy has exceptional gifts, paired with deep knowledge and skills to help clients release limitations that block their sense of fulfillment.

Chris Lester, Executive Director, N-Touch

Before working with Wendy, I was challenged to not react emotionally to certain situations.  After completing Wendy’s Unstuck Axelerator™ program and with her guidance, I now feel that I’m in charge of my responses and I handle them in a more evolved way. The biggest change is a general sense of calmness.  My perspective has also changed.  I realized that while the experiences in my past informed my responses, they are not how I want to be today. My outlook about life is far more glass half full. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend to others that they work with Wendy.  Her program brings about internal realizations unlike I’ve ever found.  If you’re looking to get unstuck, join Wendy’s program and stick with it!

Scot Cooper, Founder, MatchPlay

I recently experienced Wendy’s skill as an energy healer. This is a new modality for me, so I was excited to try it, but also quite apprehensive. Wendy immediately allayed my fears, providing a good overview of what was going to happen (or not). There was no pressure on me to perform in any way. Wendy was empathetic to the challenge I identified, which was to be more open-hearted, and not the least judgmental. The experience was interesting and I was quite curious. At one point, I found myself weeping for no reason I could ascertain, but it was extremely cathartic. Wendy wrapped up the session with further explanation of what might happen next for me, and some advice on ways to leverage the experience. A few days after the session, I felt “lighter”, more spacious somehow. I was also feeling moments of happiness – a feeling I haven’t had for a very long time. But what I noticed the most was that I am paying more attention. I am noticing that I am feeling and trying to feel what I feel and name it. If that is not being open-hearted, it is certainly heading in the right direction. Wendy’s empathy, intelligence, and deep-seated desire to help me, all contributed to a great experience and a positive outcome.

Sheila N., Solopreneur

Before working with Wendy, things were going really well in my professional life and I was taking good care of myself, yet something was draining my energy. I felt spent, like I had a foot on the gas and a foot on the brake. I didn’t know what was causing me to feel stuck. During the debrief of the Energy Leadership Assessment, Wendy asked me, “is there an area in my life that I needed to take an honest look at, but was avoiding?” I knew immediately, it was a challenge in my personal life. In our session, we worked through how I could address this issue and I took action that day! What is extraordinary is the amount of energy in all areas of my life that have been freed up with this one awareness and action. My foot is off the brake. I am more calm and focused.

I’ve had the opportunity to administer as well as take several different assessments in my career, but this one helped me look at myself with new eyes. Beyond the assessment, Wendy is highly intuitive and has a unique ability to see the whole of you. She is honest in a kind and clear way in her debrief with you. You get to the cause of where you feel stuck with little effort. Most importantly, what is holding you back dissolves and frees you up mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. What I liked most about working with Wendy, is her commitment to your growth and breaking through. Her care and understanding of the assessment that she expresses in the debrief is impactful.

Melanie Mills, Strategic Ally | www.melaniemills.com

I’ve taken many different assessments over the past few years, all in the pursuit of getting to know my strengths and weaknesses better – and at first blush the Energy Leadership Assessment is very similar to the other assessments I’ve done.

My opinion quickly changed once I started my meeting with Wendy. To say that I was blown away would be a vast understatement – I got more insight into myself and the things holding me back in 120 minutes than I have over years of being coached and receiving therapy.

Wendy’s ability to dive into the things that are core to me as a person were invaluable in helping me deepen my understanding of my own motivations and abilities. Armed with this clarity, I’ve been able to break through multiple personal bottlenecks, as well as improving the quality of my work as a business coach.

If you have the opportunity to work with Wendy, I highly recommend that you jump on it!

Ari Iny, Talent Manager & ACES Coach, Mirasee

I sought Wendy’s coaching for help getting out of a dead-end career path that was unhealthy and unrewarding. I discovered I had much bigger lessons to learn than resume or networking strategy. Wendy helped open up a much larger journey for me, and in a way, she helped introduce me to myself. Whole new worlds have opened up in my life, and the onion continues to peel. I wish everyone had this opportunity. Thank you, Wendy!

Attorney, AmLaw100 firm