Unstuck Axelerator™

Does this sound like you?

  • You feel stuck in your business – and it weighs you down every single day.

  • You don’t know how to stop procrastinating and self-sabotaging your efforts

  • You’re constantly getting triggered by what other people say or fearing that they’ll figure out you’re an imposter

  • You feel trapped in your situation, like you don’t have a choice or the time or space to make the changes you want

  • You feel alone and unsupported, and believe that nobody gets you or can provide the help you need

  • You’re open to trying something new and you’re willing to do the inner work to support getting you these results

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”
– Albert Einstein

Unstuck Axelerator™ Program

If you said “Yes, this sounds like me!” to some or all of those statements, then this program is for YOU!

Using the seven chakras and the seven levels of Energy Leadership™ coaching principles as its framework, this comprehensive program delivers results that cover a wide range of issues yet provides both broad and deep support so that you’ll feel energized to take action and go after what you want. This program also incorporates a variety of energy healing modalities – Advanced Sacred Soul Alignments™, Sacred Light Healing™, and Advanced Energetic Allergy Healing™.

Here’s what you can expect from actively participating in this program:

  • You’ll reclaim your personal strength and power to support yourself from a place of inner strength and knowingness of who you are and what you want

  • You’ll shift from feeling like a victim of life’s circumstances to feeling free to confidently take charge of your thoughts, emotions and decisions

  • You’ll move past the root causes of self-sabotage and procrastination to take consistent action towards creating what you desire in your business

  • You’ll develop a greater level of conscious self-awareness and greater insight into how you were holding yourself back so that you don’t recreate self-limiting patterns

  • You’ll better manage your emotional triggers and feel more emotionally balanced so that others’ opinions and external circumstances won’t distract you from your goals

For more detailed information about the specific results experienced by past participants, click here.

We’ll achieve these results by:

  • Clearing repeating patterns that kept you stuck so that you can create new habits that support you in taking consistent action in your business

  • Clearing negative emotional energies and limiting beliefs and replacing them with positive energies and empowering intentions (affirmations)

  • Strengthening your relationship with your inner child by clearing the energies of traumatic experiences and reclaiming the parts of you that are fragmented so that you can take back your power

As an added bonus, you’ll be able to listen to the session recordings for months and years to come. Relistening to the recordings has a cumulative effect; each time you listen, you’ll release another layer of negative energies, like peeling away layers of an onion. This means that as you expand into higher level energies, the activations used in the calls will meet you where you are and give you what is optimal for you to up-level each time you listen.

Group Program Format:

Over the course of 14 weeks, we’ll meet biweekly as a group via teleconference call (i.e., seven (7) group phone calls). The duration of each call will be under one (1) hour. Our next group program is TBD. This program is also available on a 1:1 basis.

During each call, I will be calling in a series of energies that will focus on a different chakra. These energies will go deep into clearing the particular issues associated with that chakra, including clearing negative emotional energies, limiting beliefs and traumas that you inherited from your ancestral lineage (there is a lot of truth to the expression that we become our parents!) or that occurred during your lifetime.

Rest assured that you will feel safely held and relaxed as you experience the energies in the privacy of your own home. You’ll simply be listening to the call while you receive the energies and reflect on what thoughts come up for you. This is not an interactive call. I will be inviting your questions, comments and feedback via email between calls.

The calls will be recorded and links to download the call recordings will be sent to you within 24 hours of the calls. Listening to call recordings multiple times between group calls will help you achieve the best results from this program.

To learn more about this program and explore the group or 1:1 formats, click here.


Impactful Beyond Words

Life is so fast paced that change often goes unnoticed, unless it’s truly impactful. I went into this program knowing I would be positively altered, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would see such a significant transformation in my day-to-day life so quickly.

Trying tasks became easier, hard conversations less difficult, and my mind was put at ease. I found myself doing the things I’d been avoiding for so long with confidence and each week continued to get better and better. Now I’m thriving!

Wendy has put so much thought and depth into this program. It heals you gently, while creating that sense of safety and security so many of us our lacking. I feel more connected to myself and am less triggered by emotions. I didn’t realize how bogged down I was, because those feelings had become so “normal” to me.

As a healer myself, I understand the power of healing and use it regularly in my life, but I could not have gotten here on my own. My self-worth has increased exponentially and my creative juices are flowing freely. I feel alive, authentic, and proud of myself!

I’m so grateful to Wendy and her gifts, because my quality of life is SO much better. Sometimes the simplest things (like sitting and receiving) can be the most powerful, we just have to give ourselves a chance!

Christina Nikols, Energy Healer

Before taking Wendy’s program, I felt guilty taking time for self care and I was often in people pleasing mode. My boundaries needed work, and I doubted my path forward. I felt like starting my energy healing business, despite years of practice and experience was an impossible dream. It felt safer to stay in my corporate job.

Today, I am happily taking time for myself, feeling confident and free, meditating easily, as well as creating the business of my dreams! 

Wendy has combined her passion for learning and vast healing expertise, in order to create an all encompassing, life changing journey. She guides you through each Chakra healing session with love, integrity and precision. I completely trust her with my energy. 

I have experienced powerful shifts in every aspect of my life. I feel grounded, joyful, compassionate, confident and in alignment with moving forward towards living my life purpose. I have created boundaries, healed relationships, strengthened my intuition and most importantly, shared the truth of who I am without fear of being judged!! 

I wish I had this program when I was in my formative early teenage years…and then again thru my milestones! 

Amanda Oddie-Manthorpe, Energy Healer

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