Program Results

Participants reported feeling a consistent leveling up from session to session in terms of calmness, ease, confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, personal strength,  boundary setting, speaking up and emotional balance.

The specific results participants reported experiencing after each of the sessions are listed below. Individual results vary* (see Disclaimer) based on various factors, including but not limited to attending the live calls, listening to the recordings repeatedly (participants who provided this feedback listened to each recording at least 4-6 times) and where individuals are in their healing journey.


  • Being more grounded and having more physical energy
  • Feeling safer and more secure physically, psychologically and energetically

  • Feeling worthy and deserving of going after what they wanted
  • Setting and maintaining firmer boundaries in personal and professional contexts; no longer pushed around or over-giving
  • No longer feeling stuck in, or permanently relegated to, job, relationship or other undesirable situation; seeing new and more positive positive ways for how they can view their circumstances

  • Making decisions and meeting new challenges with greater confidence


  • Feeling more connected to sense of creativity; doing more artistic activities for fun and ideation for work/business
  • Actively pursuing and having the more difficult conversations

  • Setting and maintaining increasingly firmer boundaries; pushing back and standing up for themselves in relationships at home and work with more grace and ease
  • Feeling greater sense of self-worth and self-esteem
  • Feeling good in their body and more connected with feminine side


  • Managing emotions better; responding logically instead of overreacting emotionally; keeping conversations on track and persuading others to their point of view more easily and effectively
  • Taking more action to get things done; completing longstanding, avoided items on to do list
  • Standing firm on positions taken; holding boundaries even more strongly
  • Feeling increased self-confidence and self-worth
  • Demanding and receiving more respect
  • Having greater self-acceptance and acknowledging what they have accomplished instead of criticizing themselves and feeling guilty for what they haven’t done
  • Feeling excited for the future instead of dreading it


  • Feeling more connected to themselves and their feelings
  • Giving and receiving in more balanced ways; increasingly putting themselves first and saying no to things not in their highest good
  • Treating themselves with greater self-love; making themselves feel good in small ways
  • Being more forgiving of and compassionate to themselves and others
  • Being treated better by others; being more receptive to receiving support

  • Honoring commitments that they previously would have let slip


  • Communicating (verbally and in writing) with greater confidence and clearer, more direct language

  • Communicating boundaries confidently with boundaries being honored and respected, and feeling heard by others
  • Expressing their thoughts and feelings with greater ability
  • Speaking their truth and sharing their gifts freely; using their gifts openly instead of keeping them hidden
  • Doing and saying things unapologetically without worrying how others will internalize and react to them


  • Judging, criticizing and comparing themselves and others less and accepting themselves and others as they are more

  • Getting less triggered by other people or situations and being more in flow

  • Seeing themselves and their situations more clearly and allowing others to more fully see who they truly are; focusing on what they have accomplished instead of on what they haven’t done yet

  • Receiving intuitive insights more confidently, quickly and accurately

  • Envisioning their future more easily

  • Confidently deciding and committing to leave current situation (e.g., corporate job to pursue purpose-driven career/business), knowing and trusting that their plan is unfolding in divine timing

  • Manifesting what they want more quickly and anticipating events before they happen


  • Feeling greater meaning and purpose in their lives

  • Courageously doing what they want to do for themselves more and doing what others tell them or expect them to do less

  • Meditating more easily with less mental chatter

  • Letting go of the need to control everything and having faith that things will work out; knowing they could leave their current situations (e.g., corporate jobs) without having everything planned out because they had so many possibilities to pursue

  • Feeling more confident in themselves and their abilities, and in the path they are on

  • Criticizing their bodies less and being more grateful for what their bodies do for them