Not Getting the Results You Want? Try a New Approach

By Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity, I am apparently nuts!

There are many things that I repeatedly do the same way I always have despite the fact that I wish for a different outcome.

One thing that I have particularly wanted is to increase my coaching and energy healing practice through online marketing, yet I have not. I have continued to play small relying on referrals, my network and repeat business. This does not serve me or the much greater number of potential clients I am meant to serve.

By not sharing my message in a bigger way, I’m not fully living my purpose, my soul mission. For me, my purpose is very much tied to my career and contribution to the Collective. This directly impacts my level of fulfillment.

Why have I played small? For a variety of reasons, and I will be sharing a series of posts about this. The biggest reason has been fear. You may be familiar with the acronym F.E.A.R. – False Evidence Appearing Real.

Our fears stem from our earliest ancestors’ experiences of being chased by animals and threatened with physical harm. While the threat of being chased and harmed by an animal has not been an issue for a long time (for most of us anyway), our brains have not received the update. Rather, our brains cannot distinguish fear resulting from a physical threat from fear resulting from a mental, emotional, psychological or spiritual one.

We try to hide or play it safe and small for self-preservation. Our fears actually serve an important purpose – we believe that they protect us.

However, fear is an illusion. Fear is a thought. And we can choose our thoughts when we have a conscious awareness of them.

Of course, that is easier said than done, especially for those of us who have experienced a lot of trauma – our response to fear tends to take on much larger proportions. Like many lightworkers/energy healers, I experienced quite my share of trauma. It is by healing from past trauma that my own responses to fear have become far more balanced. Life has been a heck of a lot easier as a result, thankfully! I only wish I had known years ago that energy healing could make the weight of the world feel lighter.

Imagine all of the suffering I could have spared myself by thinking more positive thoughts… Another benefit is that the more I have healed, the more I have been able to hold more space for others to release their own trauma and have a more balanced fear response.

See why sharing my message is so important?

I thought energy healing, which is spiritual work, was woo-woo nonsense and wrote it off. After experiencing its benefits, I did an about face and decided that I wanted to help others experience the same relief. While not for everyone, I felt like energy healing was the best kept secret and in my humble opinion, should not be. The good news is that is has become increasingly more mainstream.

Remember the definition of insanity that I started this post with?

Had I not been open to trying something new, I would never have learned about the benefits of energy healing and experienced the massive transformation that has made my life immeasurably better (and that is notwithstanding all of the craziness in the world these past few years).

I have chosen to shine my light more brightly. It’s time to stop the insanity and turn on my high beams! Who’s with me?! Who’s ready to shine their light more brightly and share their message with the world?

Shine brightly, my friends.