Frequently Asked Questions

Energy healing is spiritual work that has been around for thousands of years.

Energy healing can clear negative emotions, limiting beliefs, trauma and self-sabotaging patterns from your childhood/current lifetime, past lifetimes and ancestral lineage (thanks, mom and dad!) and more. It can also clear energetic blockages and imbalances in your energy fields to increase life force flow (vitality). Energy healing works on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels, including at the cellular and subconscious levels. Results can vary depending upon the modality used, the practitioner’s intuitive abilities and the extent to which the practitioner has done their own healing work.

There are numerous energy healing modalities, many of which are proprietary. Some of the most common modalities are reiki, sound healing, acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology and healing touch. Energy healing is considered an alternative or complementary method and experimental by Western medicine standards. Personally, I consider it the best kept mental and emotional health, wellness and performance secret!

During sessions, the practitioner “connects” to a client’s subtle energy fields (not to their physical body). I do this in a few ways, depending upon the client and modalities used. I set the intention to connect (energy follows thought) and use certain “tools” which I activate with specific wording or instructions. This ability was instilled into my energy fields by my mentors such that it is now a part of me. I may also use a guided meditation that helps clients relax into a theta brain wave state. Clients remain awake although they may doze at times.

Traditional talk modalities work at the level of conscious awareness, i.e., what you “know.” They help raise your level of conscious awareness by asking questions that tease out answers that were in the back of your mind, but you hadn’t yet verbalized (and you’re thinking, “oh yeah! I knew that”). Energy healing, on the other hand, works at both levels, subconscious AND conscious, and thank goodness for that, considering more than 90% of our thoughts are subconscious!

There are laws against promising results or representing that my services “cure” anything, however, I encourage prospective clients to read the testimonials from my past clients.  I also encourage you to do your research. You’ll learn that many forms of energy healing have existed for thousands of years.  You’ll also learn how reiki is used in hospital settings for patient pain managment and healthcare worker burnout and stress management, and in addiction rehabilitation centers to support recovery.

Personally, this work has been profoundly life-changing for me and I do it because I want to help other people experience more joy, ease and calm in their lives, businesses and relationships, and less pain and struggle.

I have found that the more clients are open to receiving the energies and dedicated to their healing, the better their results. Typically, the more I work with a client and the more they get to know, like and trust me, the more they relax and open up (just like in any other 1:1 confidential service provider relationship).

Also, clients who repeatedly listen to the session recordings tend to report better results. My clients’ sessions are generally recorded (reiki sessions are not). Listening to session recordings is akin to listening to song recordings; the energies run in a session are frequencies just like the musical notes in a song.

Everyone experiences energy differently and however you experience energy is normal for you.

You may feel nothing or you may feel something emotionally or physically. Clients have reported feeling and experiencing the following sensations: tears, burping, sharp intake of breath, sighing, tingling sensation, pressure, warmth, coldness, nausea, seeing colors and others. These sensations/feelings generally pass within moments.

I encourage clients to let me know if they are experiencing any undue physical discomfort or emotional distress during or after sessions so that I may quickly support them by “flushing” those energies.

You may also nod off during a session and if you do, that’s okay. That’s simply your subconscious mind telling your conscious mind to step aside and let this all in. You’ll still receive the healing energies and you’ll have the recording, too.

It depends on the type of session.

If you’re attending a group session of my Unstuck Axelerator(TM) program, then all you need to do is sit back and receive the energies. I’m doing all the speaking. If you’re attending a 1:1 session of my Unstuck Axelerator(TM) program, the only difference is that I will periodically check in and ask how you are doing. At the end of the session, I’ll invite you to share any comments, questions or observations. Other than that, there’s nothing else for you to do.

For reiki sessions, I’ll ask if you want to simply relax, set a particular intention or receive support to resolve a particular issue. If the latter, we’ll discuss it for a few minutes either by phone or on Zoom. After that, I’ll go offline to perform the session while you sit or lie down. We’ll speak briefly once I am done. I’ll share my observations if you want to hear them. I’ll also ask if you’d like to share your observations.

For 1:1 sessions where we address particular issues, it will be more like a traditional talk modality session in terms of a back and forth discussion but I’ll also use energy healing tools.

Absolutely! I was the queen of mental chatter and also struggled greatly with meditating. Energy healing has helped reduce my chatter tremendously. Talk about a major relief!

You may relate to many of my clients – they live in their heads and have made overthinking and overanalyzing an Olympic sport.

No. Energy healing is spiritual, not religious, work. I have worked with clients who are religious as well as atheists.

You may find that energy healing is not for you because of your religious beliefs or because you don’t believe in a Higher Power. This is very much a personal decision.

I typically call in energies in the format, “In Divine Love and Light, run [tool], Creator Change It.” An example of a tool is the Anger & Resentment Release. Since you are actually healing yourself and I’m just the conduit (i.e., facilitator), you are calling upon your Higher Power (i.e., God, Universe, Source, Christ Consciousness, My Higher Power, My Higher Self, My Divine Aspect, etc.) when I say “Creator Change It” to “make it so”.

Drink a lot of water before, during and after your session. Water is a conductor of energy and our bodies are made up of 60% or more of water. This is why you may feel thirsty during your session while you receive the energies and after your session while you process out the energies cleared in session.  If you start to feel like you have a headache during your session, that typically indicates you are dehydrated.

Choose a quiet space without distractions.  Turn off phone, email and other messaging notifications. Set your cellphone to airplane mode, silent/vibrate or do not disturb. Set a firm boundary around this time with your family members. Use headphones if needed.

During Unstuck Axelerator(TM) program sessions, I recommend sitting upright although you may lie down if you prefer.

During 1:1 sessions, you’ll be seated upright since we’ll be conversing.

During reiki sessions, I recommend lying down since they are mainly intended to help you relax.

Have a pen and pad on hand to jot down any thoughts, questions, comments and observations.

For 1:1 Bottleneck Breakthrough sessions, you’re responsible for telling me what you want to work on.

Here are some helpful prompts to guide you in determining what that may be:

  • What is shouting the loudest? (what are your biggest struggles and pain points?)
  • What repeating, self-limiting behavioral patterns do you want to stop? (where are you getting in your own way?)
  • What negative emotions are weighing you down?
  • What limiting beliefs are holding you back from going after what you want?
  • What is distracting you from focusing on your business? (some examples include balancing your business with time for self-care, family and fun; relationship challenges; personal and family matters such as health issues)

For 1:1 reiki sessions, you’ll be responsible for letting me know if you want to simply relax, set a particular intention or receive support for resolving an issue.

During sessions, do not drive, bike or operate machinery because you may nod off.  For that reason, I also suggest not being in a bath tub or holding cutlery.

At the end of a session, I invite clients to share their thoughts, observations and questions about what they experienced. I suggest that, after the call, they listen to their bodies and rest if needed. I also recommend doing things which are grounding, such as taking a walk in nature, taking an Epsom salt bath (or foot soak if you don’t have a bath tub) and journaling/meditating. You may notice yourself feeling unexpected emotions (i.e., you feel sad or angry but nothing is happening in your day to make you feel that way). That’s okay – those are feelings that were cleared during the session and are processing out. Simply observe them. Some clients find deep breathing exercises very helpful for navigating those emotions.

Please let me know if you are experiencing undue emotional distress or physical discomfort so that I may support you.

After the session, you will be processing out dense (heavy, negative) energies. Processing may take one or more days, depending on what and how much was cleared.

You may feel energized, tired or the same after the session and the following day.  You may also find yourself feeling unexpected emotions (see preceeding FAQ). For deeper clearings, it is more common for clients to feel tired. Clients typically find that they sleep deeper and longer the night of a session. Many clients have shared their preference to listen to session recordings before going to bed because they find it helps them fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply and stay asleep better.

I check in with new clients the day after their first session to see how they are doing and if they need any support.

There’s no such thing as “fully healed.” That’s because we are here to learn, grow and evolve. It’s all part of our soul’s journey!

Like an onion, our healing essentially occurs in layers over time. It is the job of our subconscious mind to keep us feeling safe. The more you heal, the safer your subconscious feels to allow the next deeper layer of painful emotions, traumas and other experiences to surface to be cleared. The subconscious will also only allow so much to surface at one time; you’d be overwhelmed otherwise. It’s an ongoing, lifelong process. (or more accurately, a many lifetime process).

You decide when you are “done.” How far you take your healing journey is entirely up to you. How much do you want to develop your level of conscious awareness? What limiting beliefs, negative emotional states and self-limiting/self-sabotaging behavioral patterns do you want to let go of?

The expression “as above, so below” refers to the fact that you can only rise as high as you are willing to go below and heal your deepest and most painful parts (your “shadow”). How high do you want to rise? How willing are you to face your most raw parts? Facing your deepest fears and aspects of yourself requires vulnerability, courage and personal strength. The best part is that the more you do this work, the stronger and more at peace you become.

Ultimately, the question is what transformation are you seeking and what are you willing to do to get it?

It depends. Reiki sessions can typically be conducted twice a week. Sessions using other modalities can be conducted weekly or biweekly, depending upon a client’s ability to handle the energies. Clients newer to energy healing tend to need more time between sessions in order to adapt to this work. I confer with clients to determine optimal timing.

I use several modalities, including Elysia Hartzell’s Sacred Soul Alignments™ and Sacred Soul Symbols™, Elysia Hartzell and Kimberlie Carlson’s Sacred Light Healing™, Kimberlie Carlson’s Energetic Allergy Healing™, Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki and Beyond Cellular Healings, LLC’s Soul Awakening™ Method, together with intuitive guidance to facilitate the release of negative emotional and other energies and instill clients with positive and empowering energies. I also use IPEC’s Core Energy Coaching™ techniques and exercises to uncover clients’ self-limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotions and patterns that are at the core or root of what is holding them back from having what they desire in their businesses, lives and relationships.

No. I am not a licensed medical or mental health care professional. I do not diagnose, evaluate, supervise, treat or cure any mental or psychological disorders or any physical illness, disorders, or other specific health problems. I also do not prescribe medication or devices, or recommend discontinuance of any medication, devices or other course of treatment prescribed by a licensed medical or mental health care provider.

Yes, as set forth in the confidentiality provision in our client agreement. In addition, integrity is one of my top values. Keeping confidences has been ingrained in me as a lawyer, coach, energy healer and upbringing. My word is my bond.

It’s normal to be nervous the first time.  You’re stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying something new. I was so nervous the first time I worked with an energy healer and I wanted the relief I knew energy healing provided more than anything!

Ethically speaking, an energy healer must receive your permission in order to do this work. That is because we are all sovereign beings and have free will. This also means that if you change your mind, you can withdraw your consent at any time during a session. I simply ask that you let me know if you want to withdraw your consent so that I may close our session connection.

Everything is energy! We are literally made up of atoms.

When we vibrate at higher (or more anabolic) levels of energy, we feel lighter and happier. We experience more joy, flow, ease and fulfillment. We’re more effortlessly productive, creative and intuitive.

When we vibrate at lower (or more catabolic) levels of energy, we feel weighed down by guilt, shame, fear and judgment. We experience more stress and dissatisfaction. We get less done, what we do get done feels more difficult and overwhelming to achieve, and we’re less motivated to take action.

Energy is not bound by time or space. This is why an energy healer can render services virtually, by phone, Zoom, or even without those connections!

Energy follows thought. Intention is everything!

Perhaps the most surprising fun fact is that an energy healer is actually NOT doing the healing – YOU are! Energy healers are only channels or conduits for the healing energies, much like the gas pump at a gas station; healers simply facilitate using skills, techniques and intuitive abilities.